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School spending per pupil has fallen 8%

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School spending per pupil has fallen 8%

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12th November 2018

Its not surprising that over the last 2 years’ 15,000 teachers and assistants have lost their jobs with real-term budget cuts of £2.8b for schools.

At a glance, the impact of the cuts (per pupil) are as high as:

-£195.88 per pupil in Primary schools

-£256.77 per pupil in Secondary schools

These staggering figures go a long way to highlight the funding crisis affecting schools across the country.

Simply put, schools are having to do more with less, and its becoming more difficult to achieve all of the things they are being asked to achieve with the resources they have available to them.

What’s more, the cuts which are taking place are affecting pastoral support and administrative support. Leaving pupils with special educational needs and those with mental health problems in danger.

Building repairs being sidelined and teachers being forced to take pay cuts might be the least of the worries.

Schools are having to be smarter with their spending, and sacrificing those things which are non-essential to keep standards as high as possible. They are looking for solutions – especially when it comes to technology, or tools which can help meet their goals.

(Source: Institute for Fiscal Studies)