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Ofsted: It’s Not About Results

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Ofsted: It’s Not About Results

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16th November 2018

Ofsted has set out in a new 24 slide presentation (available here) how it is planning on putting the interest of the curriculum at the centre of its brand new inspection plan.

This new way of assessing schools, is much more focused on what is actually being taught during lessons rather than just the exam results of the school leavers.

Ofsted has gone on to explain that they often feel pupils are pushed through exams, with their knowledge limited to the contentts of the exam paper.

The obvious reason that schools do teach in this way is so that the school can achieve its target result for performance. A culture of ‘data’ has been developed to such a level that children’s learning often comes second to the school delivering exam performance.

The aim of this change by Ofsted is long term, so that teachers and lessons will be focused on developing a deep body of knowledge around a subject, something which will be beneficial to students in further education.

The goal of this change is to put the curriculum at the heart of the new Ofsted assessment criteria, with its focus being whether the content of the curriculum has been learned long term.

To view the presentation by Ofsted, click here.