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How to prepare for a digital classroom

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How to prepare for a digital classroom

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26th November 2018

Preparing teachers for a digitally integrated classroom

New technology to aid learning and development in the classroom is an absolute must, but for many teachers getting up to speed on how to effectively teach with the latest technology can a huge challenge.

It’s not just about ensuring teachers understand how to use tech tools however, its about ensuring that they are embedded into the very root of the lesson planning process. Only when new tools and technology are a core part of a lesson will a truly blended-learning classroom environment be established.

So how can we help ensure this happens?

To enable teachers to understand and see the rewards from technology in the classroom it involves a 3 key steps:

  1. Setting about a clear vision for the school, and a solid plan for implementation is paramount. This will ensure that a tech-led classroom becomes the standard and not just a fad. If new tools are seen as a ‘gimmick’ by staff they will pass the school by and never reach an established point.


  1. Professional development for teachers is crucial to ensure that the investments made in technology for the school are a worthwhile expense. If staff are fully trained, it becomes much easier for them to embrace these new tools and utilise them to their full effect in the classroom.


  1. Finally, letting teachers lead the way in integrating these great tech teaching tools into their lessons can be a great benefit. If someone is empowered to use any new and exciting technology, it makes their own time and effort investment worthwhile. As they spend more time discovering what works for them and their pupils it gives a much higher success chance to the technology being embraced and use within the classroom long term.