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David Morley

Headmaster, Long Meadow Primary School

So successful was the launch, that within a few weeks, the app had been downloaded around 270 times by parents, staff and the community. David found that parents were very interested in signing up their business to be sponsors on the app within a few weeks of launching, David had 7 sponsors and his aim is to have 10 sponsors in total.

Craig Wilkie

eLearning Team

The children have enjoyed using App Camp. As it is easy to use, they have become skilful at making apps independently for a multitude of purposes. Once finished, the apps look great and are ready to share on the school’s website. Beth, Teacher, Carlton Central Junior School

Jenni Handley

Secretary, Camrose Primary School

Since having our APP the parents are kept regularly informed. 

We use the ‘push message’ to tell parents when clubs are cancelled or if there is an event happening in the near future. this message automatically ‘pings’ up on their phone or tablet. 

We have uploaded all the information a parent would need, term dates, menu, letters for them to download, club lists, because we used to get lots of calls ‘Is my child in so and so club tonight?’ whereas now they can go to the ‘Clubs’ section and see an up-to-date register. 

When the children go on a trip, the teachers send me pictures and I upload them directly (with the parents permissions of course).
Any technical difficulties are dealt with promptly, and if I’m not sure if I’m doing something right, there is always someone at the end of the phone to help and to reassure me.